Friday, July 26, 2013

Photoshoot Collab: Behind the Scenes, iPhone edition

If you've dared to join the new fad in the 21st century, you probably own an iPhone... or at least, you drool over your best friends who own an iPhone, and try to constantly "borrow" it to take the oh-so-popular instagram snaps on, text w/ funny emoticons, & send silly snapps to random people. Or was that just me? Nonetheless, I think you can guess where I'm headed -- iPhones are huge now, and they're a lot of fun too! Just recently, I myself had finally caved in and gotten one. During my exchange I didn't really use a cell phone that much (considering I had a tank, a.k.a. a Nokia, which cost +many euros to use it)  but I quickly learned the ins & outs of how to use my iPod touch to the best of it's ability. Quickly I fell in love with the world of instagram, alongside many other misc. apps  and games. Now that I'm back at home in the states I was finally able to put a bit of an investment in an iPhone 4s and before you knew it 
i was in love. 
iPhone-ography // Midwest, Illinois @6AM

&& so despite the fact that in this collaborative shoot, we're all photographers with nice DSLR cameras (both digital + film) we still managed to have the desire to pull out our phones and snap pics away. I guess there always will be a difference between the two -- and it was fun to see what kind of creative shots we could -- along with some fun behind the scenes too. 

The Crew! from left to right: Kyle Dunn, Myself && Hannah G-G

elämä on ihana // life is lovely 

Check out our instragrams @: alisa nicholleHannah G-G, & Kyle Dunn

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