Sunday, May 4, 2014

Prom 2 0 1 4

Last weekend, I had the wonderful opportunity to accompany one of my closest friends to her Senior prom! Despite the fact that I'll be turning 20 later this year, and I graduated high school two years ago... I had a complete blast and am so glad she asked me to be her date! Not to mention, this was actually my first time ever attending prom and (not) being the photographer! #homeschooledprobs 

We definitely had our fun dancing the night away, even if we were acting and looking like complete fools, neither of us seemed to care! I am so blessed to have a best friend whose just as odd as myself and truly embraces the idea of "Be who YOU are" Thank you, Sarah! I had a great time and cannot wait for the many more memories we'll share together throughout the rest of our lives! 


                                                           alisa nicholle

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