Monday, October 28, 2013

"Syksy" meaning 'autumn' in Finnish

"Syksy"  meaning 'autumn' in finnish. 
My favorite time of year. 
Crisp, autumn mornings. 
Sun shining through the leaves, leaving a hue of gold.
The sound of your feet walking down the road. Crunching. 
Again, crisp.

// this is a very small piece from something I wrote in English class. We have this exercise that we've done at the beginning of every class, where we get a topic or sentence and then have to write about it non-stop without edits for 5 minutes. Some days, I get nothing good... others, I'm surprised by the ease I find in writing and often I've been looking back at these writings and enjoying my thoughts.

As I'm sure you've noticed, for any of those who actually might be reading this (if there is even any), I have taken a very long break from blogging. Actually, I've barely blogged at all since my return home to the U.S.A. As I was told by my Rotarians, and many former exchange students, adjusting back home would be a challenge and almost like it's another exchange in itself... and sure enough, it's been just that! Since being home I have gone through a range of emotions, wanted certain things & learned I didn't want others, and have truly began to start my life over again. I got a new job, bought a new car, and started my first semester at a local community college. I've started learning my 3rd language (Spanish) and have began to learn that paying bills and having much responsibility, financial and other related, both leaves you as a broke college student and one who lacks a consistent sleep schedule. Despite all of this though, I have already learned so many new things and I feel as though I'm transforming yet again, into a new person.. only this time, I'm entering the adult world. Despite the challenges that having such responsibility's that I might face, I've really enjoyed the journey thus far. I've re-connected with old friends and have learned how to make new ones. I'm focusing on studies and building friendships now... and I'm really happy to say that I've been rather active in creating art! I am proud of a lot of the images I have produced in the last few months, and most of all cherish the memories that are held behind the photographs. 

As for now, I do not have any promises that I'll be up and running constantly in the blogging world, as I'm still figuring out my place in many different ways. Until then though, I think I'll go ahead and share some images that I have done lately and see what happens from there.

All my love, 

xx alisa nicholle 

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  1. Well, I enjoyed reading your update and that's an excellent little piece about Autumn. Life is just that, like the seasons, a series of transformations. Glad everything is going well. :)